Objectivity at its Best

It seems logical that the writer of an extended work of fiction (or non-fiction) would be in the very best position to create a synopsis of it.  With countless hours spent researching, creating and reworking the story line, themes, and characters, isn’t a book’s author the best person to explain to potential readers what they can expect from his or her book and why they should buy it?  Not always.

Synopsis writing is a service that I am offering to writers just like myself.  One of the most difficult parts of the publication process (besides writing the book, of course) was trying to come up with a succinct and persuasive synopsis for my novel.  As its author, the story and all the characters meant so many things to me.  It was incredibly difficult to boil it down into just a few points.  Another opinion about the most appealing and persuasive way to catch potential readers’ attention could have saved me untold hours of frustration and uncertainty.

If you’ve struggled with this aspect of marketing your book you are not alone.  Who wouldn’t benefit from an objective consideration of their story that results in a polished and compelling pitch for it like the 600 word synopsis featured on a book’s Amazon sales page?

Here’s How It Works:

  • Send me your manuscript specifying any aspects you particularly wish to highlight.
  • I will read your work and take extensive notes as I identify the most engaging, unique and marketable aspects of the story.
  • Combining my impressions of your work with special consideration of your book’s genre and audience, I will create a polished, compelling and concise synopsis that motivates readers to click on the “buy now” button.

So what does it cost and how long will it take?

My fee for synopsis writing is $0.0035 per word of manuscript for a standard turnaround time of 15 to 20 days.  Example:  50,000 word story would be $0.0035 x 50,000 = $175.  Pricing for shorter turnarounds will be quoted based on your requirements and my availability.

I also offer a 50% discount on Synopsis Writing when Copy Editing services are purchased for the same project at the same time.

To learn more or to begin the Synopsis Writing job process, download and complete this Synopsis Writing Questionnaire and email it to me (Ann Mauren) at amauren@amdesignstudios.net.  Once I’ve reviewed your project requirements you’ll receive a quote with an estimated completion date and any additional information to address your specific needs.

Could an objective, well-worded perspective on your work make a difference for you?