AMD Editors:

  1. Kimber Leigh Wheaton
  2. CK Brooke

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Professional Editor Kimber Leigh Wheaton

Professional Freelance Book Editing for Indie Authors and Publishers

I’ve been working as an editor for small presses for several years and have edited multiple bestsellers. But as self-publishing becomes more prevalent, I’ve decided that I also want to help independent authors make their novels the best they can be. I’m a huge advocate of self-publishing (done well). Too many self-pubbed titles are in need of a good edit. I understand the budget issues independent authors face, so my fees are very competitive. I am also available to publishing houses for any of the services listed below.

Sampling of Services:

Paid Critique: This is an in-depth book review. I will read your manuscript (up to 100k words) and provide a 1000 word review highlighting characterization, world, pace, where it fits in market trends, and can also address specific topics if you have a focus. $100. My most popular service. The turnaround for a paid critique is 5-7 days.

Back Blurb Critique & Edit: Don’t let months of work go to waste with a lousy back copy. I will edit your blurb and offer suggestions to tighten it and make it better. $35. Turnaround 3-5 days.

Content Edits: This is the most comprehensive type of edit, focusing on the big picture. Plot, characters, world-building, pace, dialogue, and overall flow are the primary focus. $300 for up to 50000 words + $50 for each additional 10000 words (prorated at $0.005 per word). The turnaround for a content edit is 2-3 weeks. This will include back and forth communication and reading revisions made by the author.

Line Edits: Line edits concentrate on sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and tense. While line edits don’t focus on the big picture, I will certainly notate any plot or character inconsistencies I find. Line edits run $200 for up to 50000 words + $25 for each additional 10000 words (prorated at $0.0025 per word). This is the most requested type of editing, and the turnaround is about 1-2 weeks.

Proofreading: Last step prior to publication. This edit is a final step in the editing process after all others have been completed. Catches basic errors: punctuation, grammar, and spelling. This service runs $150 for up to 50000 words + $20 for each additional 10000 words (prorated at $0.002 per word). The turnaround is about 1 week

Query Critique & Edit: Sending a query to a publisher or agent? Be sure to have it critiqued before you hit send. I will help make your query shine in the slush. $35. Turnaround 3-5 days.

Synopsis Critique & Edit: Ah, the dreaded synopsis. Don’t you just cringe when an agent or publisher asks for one of these? Do your manuscript justice with a professional synopsis. $50. Turnaround 3-5 days.

Turnaround time is listed as a frame of reference. This may change depending on my current workload, my own deadlines, and conventions. I will always provide a turnaround for each individual project.

Experience: I am a published author of four YA novels, with two on the way. The first book of my YA paranormal series, Tortured Souls, is a #1 Amazon bestseller and also won a silver medal for best YA horror/mystery in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. I have worked as an editor for small presses and branched out to take on some indie clients. I pride myself on my attention to detail, as well as my knowledge of the market. Though I specialize in YA, New Adult, romance, and urban fantasy, I also edit everything but non-fiction. I am an avid reader, averaging about two books a week to keep up on current trends in the market.

Please contact me at to discuss your individual needs.

Professional Freelance Book Editing for Indie Authors and Publishers

C.K. Brooke

I am an ACES Certified Editor and Associate Member. Since 2017, I’ve been privileged to copy edit fiction manuscripts for dozens of independent authors and small presses alike. I am a multi-award-winning author of over 13 titles, published by Limitless and 48fourteen, as well as self-published.

Query Letter Editing & Critique

Your query letter to an agent or publisher is your first – and often only – chance to make an impression! Ensure it’s a good one with an edited, tightened, polished, and properly formatted query letter that captivates attention and interest. One round of revisions, plus a final look: $35

Blurb Editing
Along with appealing cover art, your book description, or “blurb”, is your book’s single most important selling point. Blurbs that are vague and uninteresting, improperly formatted, contain too much or too little detail, or are full of grammatical and spelling errors are sure to drive customers away. Draw those readers in with a flawless, fascinating, and irresistible blurb. One round of revisions, plus a final look: $35

Manuscript Copy Editing / Proofreading

Your comprehensive copy editing or proofreading package includes not only PUGS (punctuation, usage, grammar and spelling) but clarity, tone, and consistency. With my affordable rates, prompt turnaround times, and helpful, friendly guidance, you can count on me to handle your book-baby with care. Rate: $0.007/word.

Sample edits and/or references are available upon request. View my resume and portfolio on Reedsy.

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