Picture book formatting can be confusing with all the different print and ebook formats to muddle through, but it doesn’t have to be.

Let the professionals at AM Design Studios take your book baby and turn it into a perfectly formatted book for any publisher: Amazon Ebooks, KDP Print, Ingram Spark, EPub and more.

Whether you’re working with someone else’s illustrations, your own, or AMD illustrations, we can format it for you.


Pricing is simple and all-inclusive for layout, revisions and a submission ready file.

Interior Book Formatting Pricing:

$99 MOBI (for Amazon, can include pop-ups)

$99 EPub (for all other non-Amazon digital retailers)

$99 KDP Paperback Print

$99 Ingram Spark Paperback

$99 Ingram Spark Hardcover


$199 for Mobi, Epub, and Paperback of your choice

Contact us at amatthews@amdesignstudios.net to get started or just ask questions.

Affordable Children's Picturebook Formatting for Kindle, Print, Ingram, KDP, Print Books