Is your book ready for the big stage at the Amazon Kindle Store?

Perhaps you’re feeling a little intimidated or even frustrated with yourself for not being able to quickly or confidently convert your Microsoft Word file into a Kindle-friendly format when it seems like “everybody else is doing it.”  Don’t be.  Some things are worth delegating.  This is one of them.

Formatting ebooks can be tedious and stressful—even for people who do it on a regular basis.  Most authors have neither the time nor the desire to delve into the technical do’s and don’ts of digital design.  If you’d rather focus on writing and marketing your work, then consider my ebook design service as your hassle-free fastpass to publication.

I specialize in converting Microsoft Word and other text file manuscripts into formats for Kindle, Nook and Smashwords.  I work primarily with authors of fiction, but I’m happy to discuss your job no matter what it entails.  For your fiction title, the service includes embedding your cover art, insertion of logical advanced navigation which provides user features such as an active Table of Contents and the ability to select destinations within your ebook like “Cover”, “Beginning”, “End” and any other hyperlinks you may have in mind, such as “Connect with the Author” or “Other Works by This Author,” for example. These are the options that are displayed when a reader pushes the “Menu” button on their ereader while reading your title.  My service also includes pre-flight device testing and review of every page in the publication to ensure that your ebook is 100 percent valid and standards-compliant.

If I happen to spot any typos or other irregularities as I review the ebook pages for compliance, I will bring these to your attention as a courtesy.

When the formatting is complete, you will receive a fully functional master file of your manuscript in your choice of any or all of the following three formats:

  • MS Word File – Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Barnes & Noble (B & N PubIt) recommend uploading books in this format.  The file you receive will be formatted to the exact standards required by KDP formatting guidelines.
  • Kindle Mobi File – This file will play perfectly on any Kindle device. Excellent for distributing gift or demo copies to Kindle users.
  • ePub Format – This is the industry standard ebook format that can be played by virtually every ereader. Excellent for distributing gift or demo copies to all other ereader users (besides Kindle users).

Other formats can be provided upon request–just let me know what you need. I’ll even guide you through the uploading and publishing process if you need extra help with that.

So what does it cost and how long will it take?

  • Under 10,000 words: $100
  • 10,001 to 30,000 words: $125
  • 30,001 to 100,000 words: $175
  • More than 100,001 words:  Quote, with $225 minimum

These rates apply to fiction publications only.  Non-fiction work will be quoted after further discussion regarding the project and its contents. *Works larger than 100,000 words will also be priced after consultation.

The turnaround time for typical formatting projects is between 5 and 10 business days once work begins.  If you need an accelerated delivery then rush charges may apply.

To learn more or to begin the eBook Design job process, download and complete this eBook Design Questionnaire  and email it to me (Ann Mauren) at  Once I’ve reviewed your project requirements, you’ll receive a quote with an estimated completion date and any additional information to address your specific needs.

Could you benefit from a publishing fastpass?