In response to the changing landscape of publishing and need for low cost yet well-designed covers, I’m offering all-in-one premade bundles for super savings and budget-friendly publishing.

These covers are genre-specific to appeal to your readers and designed with AM’s multi-award winning experience in genre-appeal.

Your All-In-One includes:

  • An Ebook Cover (two distribution sizes)
  • Web display sizes (two sizes: large and thumbnail)
  • Print book (full wrap, back, spine to your printer specifications)
  • 3D cover
  • Facebook banner (blank, based on your cover design)

I’m offering three tiers:

  • $79 (1 image)
  • $99 (2 images)
  • $129 (3 or more images)

One image is defined as one central image and does not refer to effects and overlays. Even one image covers will include genre-specific photomanipulation to make your cover as original as possible.

Given the low-cost of the cover, no customizations (aside from author/title/series/byline/back blurb) are included, but if you need a customization, please ask. You’ll be accommodated with a small add-on price. (Add-on examples: add publisher’s mark, add bio and photo, change eye, hair or clothing color, add an element, etc.)

Covers are delivered within 48 hours of payment and information receipt (excepting customization requests).

Watch for new releases via email (if you’re not subscribed sign-up here) or bookmark the homepage for new releases.