children’s book illustrations monsters

A perfect example of how to get your Kickstarter Children’s Book Funded! Curtis surpassed his original ask by three times the amount (as of this writing) and I’m happy to announce I will be continuing his Children’s Book Illustrations for his clever Alphabet Monster book. He’s a prime example of how to win at Kickstarter Campaigns? Curtis brilliantly tied into a secondary market (which is his day job!) that literally funded his project less than a week into his campaign by spreading the word to his colleagues on Twitter. You can check out his campaign and how he structured it here:…/curtbraz/m-is-for-malware. Basically, his book concept neatly ties into an adult market and he filled this niche with a never-before-seen product. Very clever!

Congratulations on your funding, Curtis! I’m excited to continue creating your monster illustrations and see you published.