Copy Editing

AS OF 8/11/2016: Copy editing closed and not accepting new manuscripts.

Why is it important?

Even the most articulate and accomplished authors need a second set of eyes on their manuscripts.

For all its astounding capacity to create and critique, the human brain’s ability to “fill in the blanks” can sometimes cause problems for those trying to edit their own work.   In fact, the longer the body of work, the more often these blind spot issues tend to occur.

Chances are your writing just needs a proofreader to catch simple oversights in grammar, spelling or punctuation—the very points on which our brains can sometimes sabotage us.  That’s where a second set of objective eyes–with that “fill in the blanks” mode switched off–can be so valuable.

Some manuscripts might also benefit from copy editing with attention to smoother phrasing and finer points of style.   Or it may be a matter of catching continuity issues that often crop up after rewrites.  While it’s my mission to detect and correct any problems hidden in your text, I am careful not to make suggestions that would change your voice as an author.

Whatever your manuscript needs, it will be carefully analyzed line by line and returned to you as a corrected and perfected body of work that is ready for publication.

So what does it cost and how long will it take?

My fee for copy editing is eight tenths of a penny per word ($0.09) for an industry standard turnaround time of 15 to 21 days.  Pricing for shorter turnarounds will be quoted based on your requirements and my availability.

I also offer a 50% discount on my Synopsis Writing service when Copy Editing services are purchased for the same project at the same time.

To learn more or to begin the Copy Editing job process, download and complete this  Copy Editing Questionnaire  and email it to me (Ann Mauren) at  Once I’ve reviewed your project requirements you’ll receive a quote with an estimated completion date and any additional information to address your specific needs.

Could you benefit from a second set of specially trained eyes?

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