REFER AMDesign Studios services and WIN a $50 gift certificate!

Copy Editing, Synopsis Writing, Ebook Formatting

Refer one of these services: copy editing, synopsis writing, ebook formatting

Introducing the Refer and Win program!

We are offering your choice of a $50 Amazon or iTunes gift card for any referrals that lead to an invoiced job for our ebook formatting, copy editing or story synopsis services.

Here’s how you win:

Refer your friends or colleagues for one of the above services. Make sure they mention your name and email in their initial email. If their referral results in an invoiced job, you will be rewarded with your choice of an Amazon or iTunes gift certificate in the amount of $50! It’s that easy!

Now start referring!

Offer expires July 1, 2012. Referral must result in an invoiced ebook formatting, copy editing or story synopsis job.
This offer does not apply to graphic design, author branding, cover design, premade covers, or author branding.
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Win Free Copy-Editing, Synopsis Writing, or Book Formatting AND Cover Design, or Author Branding


Premade Paranormal Fallen Angel / Dark Angel ebook Cover Design- $49


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