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Author BrandingWhat is Author Branding?

Think of it this way: Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, and Raquel Welch all have a particular and identifiable style. They are all actresses, yet you would never mistake one for the other. Their unique styles encompass their public image. It includes their walk, their talk, the roles they played, and their visual image. This image is carefully extracted from their essence and put together in a way that cohesively identifies them to the world.

This is what AMDesign Studios does for authors. We discover who you are as a writer, then bring those elements into a messaging and visual package that can be communicated throughout your author platforms and book covers. Our cohesive approach assures your image stays consistent across all your media outlets, making you and your books easier for readers to identify.

Author Branding will include:

-Initial questionnaire to discern your vision, your projects, your taste, your author  message.

-Audit of all current materials

-Author font defined

-Set of guidelines that include:

  • font usage for author name
  • font usage for book series names
  • color palette (this could be different for author and different series depending on how many series you have)
  • author tagline
  • defined keywords (we narrow down to three keywords that all your material needs to match up to – it’s a checkpoint going forward)
  • visual representations to communicate your author message

To get started, contact for more information.

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